We're shaped by the Ellison family values

The seed for Ellison Lifestyle Group’s focus on health, wellness and education was planted in the lessons learned at the kitchen table of Prescott Ellison’s modest childhood home on Chicago’s Southside.

Prescott’s mother, Hattie, made up a game at meal time to encourage her children to eat fruits and vegetables.  She described these foods as friendly superheroes who protected kids against illness, sugar-laden sweets and soda pop.  The good guys had names like Broccoli Betty, Andy Apple, Patty Peach and Buddy Banana.

His father, Wilbert, stressed the benefits of a daily morning regime of calisthenics and body weight workouts to stay fit without the need of an expensive gym membership or fancy exercise equipment.

The kitchen table has become an allegory for the mission of Ellison Lifestyle Group.

The table represents family, health, companionship and faith.  The common denominator that ties these values together – in fact, the common link of all peoples – is food, good health and wellness.

Food and good health bring cultures together.  Food and wellness promote both tolerance and diversity.  Food is a universal language in our globalized world.

Prescott, a Grammy Award-winning drummer, toured the world, recorded and performed in concert with the top musicians of his generation including Stevie Wonder, Earth Wind and Fire, Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake, Sade and Brian McKnight among others.

Prescott is a passionate exercise and nutrition enthusiast, and wants to share his wellness regimen with others.  He has developed this regimen over time and has used it to stay fit and healthy despite a demanding lifestyle on the road as a professional musician.

Over the past decade, Prescott has incorporated many of the value-based lessons he learned growing up in Chicago into nutrition and fitness products, merchandise, beverages and an educational curriculum. All of these elements are aimed at fighting childhood obesity to help families establish sustainable, healthy lifestyles.

Ellison Lifestyle Group, based in Las Vegas, is a DBE, ACDBE, ESB and SBE certified minority-owned business.

Its key family of products ­– SuperFood Friends, The Crop Box and The Body Bench – form the backbone of a company dedicated to promoting balanced health and committed to social, economic, environmental, and nutritional justice.