HACTAC Academy Community Development Corp

Support Center City Las Vegas

HACTAC is a 501©3 non-profit community development corporation operated by Ellison Lifestyle Group to rally sponsors of the SuperFood Friends curricula and The CropBox, a vertical farming unit. All contributions are tax deductible.

What is SuperFood Friends? Curricula features 100 fruit and vegetable cartoon characters that teach vocabulary, science, math, fitness and healthy choices in a fun learning environment. The CropBox grows fruits and leafy vegetables. It’s endorsed by the Nevada Department of Agriculture.

What is The CropBox  It’s a farm in a truck trailer. Using hydroponics and LED lights, The CropBox yields as many crops year-round as an acre of farmland, well suited for Nevada’s arid climate.

Strategy:  Improve learning and stabilize underserved communities as well as hasten the creation of a new urban agricultural industry that stimulates jobs, small businesses and

green grocers

in Food Deserts in underserved communities.

Phase 1 Goal: $1.5 million.  Target eight Victory Schools in Center City Las Vegas for SuperFood Friends and CropBoxes, which will generate a profit for the schools’ general budgets from crops sold to hotels, resort casinos,


and restaurants.

Phase 2 Goal: $3.5 million.  Target an additional 20 schools for the program, growing their role in the Nevada food supply chain, and supporting training programs, more


and college-accredited classes.