Ellison Lifestyle Group announced the installation of a hydroponic “grow station” at an elementary school in Las Vegas, the first step toward deployment of the company’s CropBox unit.

In three weeks, the unit, which has LED light, will begin to produce microgreens and lettuce.

The station at Kermit R Booker Sr. Innovative Elementary School is part of a pilot program of Ellison Lifestyle Group’s SuperFood Friends curriculum, a multidisciplinary program built around over 100 fruit and vegetable cartoon characters in educational books,  team activities, exercise, interactive games and a high-tech vertical farm unit.

The program is endorsed by the Nevada Department of Agriculture, which has submitted a letter in support of a federal grant application to fund the CropBox at Booker School.

“This type of program has great potential in advancing student learning and engagement through integration of agricultural lessons and hands-on application while accommodating for a school’s geographic location,” wrote Amber Smyer, Nevada Agriculture in the Classroom’s literacy coordinator.

The grow unit is aimed at demonstrating The CropBox, which is a vertical farm in a shipping container equipped with LED lights and hydroponic grow stations that year round yield as many micro greens, lettuce, strawberries and other produce as an acre of farm land.

In addition to the educational benefits,  the CropBox, will generate a profit for Booker School from sale of the produce to Las Vegas resort hotels, gourmet restaurants and community markets.

“Nutrition and fitness are the key to learning,” said G. Prescott Ellison, founder and CEO Ellison Lifestyle Group.  “We’re proud to be a part of the Las Vegas community and promote nutritional justice in underserved communities.”