ELG Furnishings is our line of natural and 100 percent organic pillows, mattress toppers and matrasses, and high-design value wood furniture manufactured by BKE Designs of Chicago.

All handmade in America.

Great interior design contributes to the client’s sense of well-being and outlook on life. It evokes joy and inspiration. In fact, a well-designed space fulfills a deeper need we all have for beauty and harmony.  So the essence of interior design is about people and how they live.

The marketplace is changing rapidly: consumers want the comfort and cleanliness of natural fibers as part of their lifestyles, particularly in their bedding.

Ellison Lifestyle Group’s Furnishings division can supply a wide range of high-quality natural and chemical-free fibers and fabrics that we handcraft into bedding and pillows, and suitable for curtains or upholstery. We offer turnkey solutions that fit every hotel, resort or private home development.