NEWS RELEASE: Grow Station at Booker School, Las Vegas

Ellison Lifestyle Group announced the installation of a hydroponic “grow station” at an elementary school in Las Vegas, the first step toward deployment of the company’s CropBox unit.

In three weeks, the unit, which has LED light, will begin to produce microgreens and lettuce.

The station at Kermit R Booker Sr. Innovative Elementary School is part of a pilot program of Ellison Lifestyle Group’s SuperFood Friends curriculum, a multidisciplinary program built around over 100 fruit and vegetable cartoon characters in educational books,  team activities, exercise, interactive games and a high-tech vertical farm unit.

The program is endorsed by the Nevada Department of Agriculture, which has submitted a letter in support of a federal grant application to fund the CropBox at Booker School.


Booker School Las Vegas: Obesity Prevention Award

Ellison Lifestyle’s SuperFood Friends program at Booker School figured in the Las Vegas School District winning  2017 Childhood Obesity Prevention Awards: “Healthy School, Healthy Life”

CropBox: Chef Fistrovich at Ritz-Carlton, Naples, Fla.

Chef Fistrovich and his team use the CropBox to grow about 22,000 heads of lettuce annually as well as micro greens, cabbage and vegetables for the Ritz-Carlton resturants and banquet business.

KSNV-TV Last Vegas: National Nutrition Month

March is National Nutrition Month.

Here’s a 2016 clip from KSNV-TV Las Vegas featuring Prescott Ellison and the Super Food eating friends.

Body Bench: Kids Workout at Booker School, Las Vegas

Here’s a clip of the kids at Booker School in Las Vegas exercising on the Body Bench, part of the SuperFood Friends program.