A family of educational, fitness & wellness,
merchandising & entertainment brands

Innovation, commitment, quality and integrity are the hallmarks of our business as we build Ellison Lifestyle Group’s capabilities toward our goal to become a premier education, fitness, wellness, merchandising and data company.

We have a very clear vision of where we’re going and how we’re focusing our creativity and resources to implement strategies designed to achieve leadership objectives that build winning brands and examples of innovation.

We uphold our core values and principles in every action and decision made.  We always strive to do the right thing.  We are honest and straightforward in our relationships. We are data-driven and intellectually honest in advocating proposals including recognizing risk.

Our purpose goes beyond what we sell. We are externally focused, but we’re committed to Las Vegas, Nevada.

We aspire to be a positive force that improves the lives of our customers, our communities and our world, now and for generations to come.